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Exhibits FAQs

How are the artifacts preserved? 

Throughout the Administration, Presidential gifts are maintained on courtesy storage at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C. When they arrive, museum staff work carefully to inventory and store the items in special artifact housing readying them for eventual transport to the future Presidential Library. At the end of the Administration, they are transferred to the Presidential Library administered by NARA. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum properly preserves, inventories, and exhibits the artifacts and materials from the Administration of President George W. Bush.

Do the artifacts belong to the President? 

When a President accepts a gift from a foreign Head of State, it becomes the property of the American people, as he is working on our behalf.  The President may choose to retain some gifts at the end of his term.  For gifts from foreign Heads of State, the President must purchase the gift at the appraised value if he chooses to keep it.  For domestic gifts or gifts from foreign private citizens under a set dollar amount (currently $335), the President may keep them as he chooses.  For domestic gifts or gifts from foreign private citizens over the set amount, the President must declare them on his taxes if he chooses to keep them.  If the President does not formally indicate his intent to keep, purchase or declare the gifts, they are then automatically transferred to the Library and Museum.

Who designs the exhibits? 

As with all Presidential museums, the President’s Foundation funds and oversees the design and construction of the facility and permanent museum exhibits. During the entire process, Presidential Library and Museum staff members work closely with the Foundation and its contractors to ensure the final exhibit meets NARA requirements and will allow the Library and Museum to fulfill its educational goals. At the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, NARA staff members have worked very closely with the Foundation, the museum designer, PRD Group Ltd., and the museum fabricator and installer, Design and Production. Cortina Productions produced the films and interactive exhibits in the Museum.


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