President George W. Bush greets fourth graders, January 5, 2004, at Pierre Laclede Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri. (P36885-10)

Lesson Plans

Our Education Program is creating Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)-aligned lesson plans so students learn how to recognize and analyze primary sources using Presidential records in the public domain related to the initiatives of President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush. Once the Primarily Teaching program begins, an index for all lesson plans and curriculum guides will be added. In the meantime, explore these resources.

Recognizing Primary & Secondary Sources 

Using a vocabulary activity, brainstorming, and “Source Scenarios,” students learn to differentiate between primary and secondary sources. They will also consider the role primary and secondary sources and historical events play in their lives.

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Analyzing Historical Objects 

As history detectives, students learn how to analyze historical clues shared with them by the images and objects compiled in the Object Analysis PowerPoint. Students work through National Archives’ records in a group analysis activity and test their understanding with one of the independent activities included. They complete their detective work and demonstrate understanding of historical analysis through selection of an included writing prompt. The lesson plan has been scaled for elementary and secondary levels, and includes reference information for teachers as well. 

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Teaching About the Role of the First Lady - Interactive Modules 

Although formal lesson plans are not included with these Interactive Modules, educators may assign students to research the The First Ladies and Their Roles through examination of primary sources highlighting 7 diverse domestic and global initiatives of Mrs. Laura Bush. All records included in the modules are provided by the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and available for  download. Check out the “Links for Additional Information” in each module, offering links to external sites for lesson plans and student projects.

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Analysis Methods & Worksheets 

SOAPPS-Tone is a commonly used document analysis strategy in the Advanced Placement classroom. The concept has been modified to create the ABC acronym, which is recommended for use with younger students. The STAC’D (Stacked) Method is useful for analyzing archival video and can be modified according to the students’ level.

Designed and developed by our Education staff, these worksheets can help students understand how to analyze and evaluate the holdings of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Useful Lesson Plan Sites 

Explore the Other Educational Resources for useful websites for resources such as assistance finding primary sources and lesson plans.

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